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Wireless Pump for WF20 Pet Fountain


  • Compatibility: Only works with WF20 Homerunpet fountains; will not work with other brands.
  • Wireless Pump: Say goodbye to all the unnecessary and exposed cables seen in traditional pet fountains; cleaning and refilling are easier than ever. Because the innovative pump extracts up to 90% of the water, the water will last longer before the tank has to be refilled.
  • Seconds to Clean: Simply take out the wireless pump and remove the pump cover and impeller cover; use the brush to clean the pump with water, and you can do quick and straightforward cleaning within a minute.
  • What's Inside: Package includes 1 high-quality wireless water pump with 1 filter sponge.
  • Quiet Operation: It works more quietly than the falling leaves at 20dB, silent throughout the day.


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