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Are you at the right place ?

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Our Story

It all began in 2015 when Frank Liu, R&D engineer, founder, CEO, and an experienced pet parent, found out firsthand how much inconvenience conventional pet products could bring to households with fur kids. Frank founded Homerunpet in Shenzhen, China, with a group of experienced R&D engineers who have specialized in the research and development of precision medical instruments in the past decades like himself.

But we are more than R&D engineers and professionals - We are affectionate animal lovers and keen on making pet parents and their fur kids' lives better. We set out to make quality pet products that can best satisfy pets and families in terms of design, function, and quality.

Homerunpet Teams currently focus on artificial intelligence robot hardware exploration and innovation. We strive to bring modern lifestyles and personalization experiences that are real and simple with more convenience and fun for you and your fur babies and friends.

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Happy Pet Parents


Jaguar, Kim, Gin, Winston, Flower, and Duoduo are the five cats and dog officers that lighten up everyone in the Homerunpet office every single day.
They are the best at welcoming guests. More importantly, they are the best first testers, honest reviewers, and loyal users for Homerunpet new products in terms of their differentiated breeds, characters, habits, traits, and qualities. They are the best source of inspiration and professional QIs (quality inspectors)!

Designed and Made in China

We proudly design, create, assemble our products in China. Meanwhile, we focus on new product development, engineering, marketing, and excellent customer service at our headquarter in Guangzhou, China.

Make the Best for Cats and Dogs, Make the Best for Life

We founded the Homerunpet teams by German high-end R&D technical talents and well-known domestic R&D technology teams, which provides a solid technical guarantee.
We set out on a mission to deliver trailblazing products and services that exceed client expectations constantly in pet supplies. We aim to create innovative and sophisticated appliances that would improve the quality of life for pets and pet parents.

At present, we've proudly made smart pet feeders, drinking fountains, litter boxes, drying boxes, and pet toys. On Homerunpet's marketing and strategic agenda, our plan is to develop and produce intelligent pet companion robots and various pet intelligent hardware.

We always thrive to provide you with a more convenient lifestyle while also assisting your pets in becoming their best selves and sharing the most enjoyable moments with Homerunpet.