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Cleaning Kit for Homerunpet Pet Water Fountain


  • Nylon Brush: The brush head is made of high quality nylon material with moderate hardness, thus to easily clean the dirt on the fountain surfaces and the water filter.
  • Sponge Pad: Equipped with a soft sponge pad for wipe the dispenser up after cleaning it.
  • Deep Cleaning Full Compatibility: This cleaning kit works with all Homerunpet pet fountain.
  • Water Fountain Cleaner Brush 1 Set 2 Brushes: The 2 brushes of big and small size combined allow you to clean the fountain conveniently and deeply, and the small one can help clean the hard-to-reach corner easily.
  • More Purposes: This cleaning kit can be used to clean not only water fountains, but also toys, cups, basins, and more.


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